Building Entrance:

  • Secured Decorative Gate with Lamp Posts as per the elevation & perspective of the building.
  • Logos on polished marble or granite.
  • Comfortable internal driveway.
  • Personal mailboxes.

Reception Lobby:

  • Reception desk with Marble/Granite Top.
  • Marble/mirror polished tiled floor in the Reception area.
  • Separate toilet for visitors.
  • Light Fittings.

Lift :

  • International Standard Lifts.
  • Adequate lighting.
  • Fast & reliable service to residents on all floors.

Lift Lobbies & Staircases:

  • Spacious lift lobby in each floor.
  • Floor tiles in all lift lobbies (RAK Ceramics or Equivalent).
  • Stair tiles in all staircases (RAK Ceramics or Equivalent).

Apartment Layouts :

  • Will maximize advantages especially in relation to the daylight and outside view.
  • Privacy will be emphasized in designing the layout so that the master and second bedrooms are located away from the guest bedroom and main entertainment areas.

Cable TV Provision:

  • Provision for Connection of satellite dish antenna with multi channel capacity from the commercial cable TV operator.


  • International Standard Generator.
  • KVA capacity to cover Lift, Pumps, Common Lights and 3 (Three) Lights, 3 (Three) Fans per Apartment.

Water Pumps:

  • Two Units (One standby).
  • European Origin Pedrollo or Saer or Equivalent.

Roof Top:

  • Protective parapet Wall.
  • Protected children's area.
  • Community room on roof top (subject to RAJUK approval).


  • Good Quality and Standard (Panasonic or Equivalent).
  • To connect each Apartment to the concierge Desk.

Doors (Chittagong Teak or Imported ):

  • Decorative Main Entrance Door with
  • (a) Door Chain
    (i)       Check Viewer.
    (ii)       Calling Bell Switch of Good Quality.
    (iii)       Solid Brass Door Knocker.
    (iv)       Apartment Number in Brass/Crafted Acrylic.
  • Internal Doors of Strong and Durable veneer Flush door Shutters with French polish.
  • All Internal Door frames are made of Shil Korai/Gamari/Teak Chamble wood.
  • All Bathrooms with high standard water proof PVC Doors.


  • Sliding Windows as per Architectural Design of the Building.
  • 5 mm Thickness glass with mohair lining.
  • Rain Water barrier in 3" Aluminum Sections.
  • Safety Grills in all windows.


  • Good Quality 1st Class Bricks.
  • Smooth Finish Walls.
  • Exterior wall thickness will be 5" and internal wall thickness will be 5".

Floor & Verandah:

  • Tiles in Floors (RAK Homogeneous or Equivalent, Size 16"x16").
  • Tiles in Verandahs (RAK Homogenous or Equivalent, Size 16"x16").

Painting & Polishing:

  • Plastic Paint in all internal walls and ceilings in soft colors (Berger or Equivalent).
  • French polished Doorframes & Shutters.
  • Exterior wall will be of Weather coat paint (Berger or Equivalent).


  • MK (Singapore) or Equivalent Electrical Switches, Plug Points and other Fittings.
  • Three Emergency Lights and Three Fans in each Apartment
  • All Power Outlets with Earthing Connection.
  • Provision for Air-conditioners in all Bedrooms and Living Area.
  • Verandahs with suitable Light Points.
  • Electrical Distribution Box with Main switch.

Bath Rooms:

  • Essentially correct Uniform Floor Slope towards Water Outlet.
  • Good Quality Sanitary Wares in all Bathrooms (RAK/Equivalent).
  • Good Quality Ceramic Glazed Tiles of full height in Bathrooms (RAK/Equivalent).
  • Matching Floor Tiles in all Bathrooms (RAK/Equivalent).
  • All Mirrors in Bathrooms with overhead Lamps (Provision).
  • Good Quality Chrome Plated Fittings (Sattar/ Montaha/ Sunbird/ Equivalent).All Chrome Plated Fittings carry Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Soap Cases and Towel Rails.
  • Pedestal Basin in Master & Children Bath.
  • Tiles on Floor and Wall up to 7 feet in Maid's bath with Long Pan, Shower and Lowdown.
  • Concealed Hot and Cold Water lines in Master bath and 2nd Bath.


  • Impressively designed shelf with Marble/Granite/Tiles Worktop.
  • Double Burner Gas Outlet.
  • Good Quality Wall Tiles (RAK or Equivalent).
  • Matching Floor Tiles (RAK or Equivalent).
  • Concealed Hot and cold Water Lines.
  • One Stainless Counter-top Steel Sink with Mixer.
  • Suitably Located Exhaust Fan.
  • Washing corner in kitchen Verandah/below Worktop.

Utility Lines :

  • Electricity supply will be of individual Apartment-wise Meter and connection for the project.
  • Water Supply and Sewerage will have common meter connection for the project.
  • GAS supply will be of individual Apartment-wise Double Burner Connection.


  • Reserved Car Parking in Covered & Protected Ground Floor for Residents with Comfortable Driveways.
  • Electricity Supply approx 220V/440V from DESA source with separate Main cable and LT Panel/Distribution Board.
  • Water Supply Connection from WASA sufficient as per Total Calculated Consumption.
  • Underground Water Reservoir with one Main Lifting Pump and Standby Pump.
  • Sewerage System Planned for Long-term requirement.
  • Gas Pipeline Connection from TITAS Distribution System as per Total Calculated Consumption, Adequate Safety Measures incorporated.
  • Termite Protection Treatment of Ground.
  • A Fire Extinguisher on each floor.


  • Total Foundation and Superstructure Design and Supervision by a team of reputed and Professional Structural Design Engineers.
  • Structural Design Parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and BNBC Codes.
  • Structural Analysis for Design utilizes the latest Methodologies.
  • Heavy Reinforced Cement Concrete Foundation.
  • Systematic Structural Combination of Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame and Shear Wall Core.
  • Floor Slabs all Reinforced Cement Concrete.
  • Sub-Soil Investigation and Soil Composition comprehensively analyzed.
  • Comprehensive Checking and Testing of all steel reinforcement by professional Design and Supervising Engineers.
  • All Structural Material including Steel, Cement, Bricks, Sylhet Sand and other Aggregates etc. of highest available standard and screened for quality.
  • Direct Supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and Qualified Civil Engineers to ensure Highest Quality of Workmanship.
  • Construction Site Equipment includes Steel Cutting & Bending Equipment, Welding Equipment, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Vibrators, Water Pumps, Material Handling Equipment, Leveling Instruments, etc.
  • Systematic Testing of concrete and other complete work samples at every stage from Quality Control Laboratories.
  • Protection from Cyclone Winds up to prevalent speeds incorporated in structure design.
  • Structure designed to withstand Earthquakes of prevalent intensity.



  • Deformed bar
  • Manufactured by :
  • (i)    Bangladesh Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (BSRM)
    (ii)    Rahim Steel Mills Ltd.
    (iii)    Quality Steel Mills Ltd.
    (iv)    Other Equivalent High Standard Steel Mills.


  • Manufactured by :
  • (i)    Scan Cement Bangladesh Ltd. (Scan Cement).
    (ii)    Cemex Cement (Bangladesh) Ltd. (Cemex Cement).
    (iii)    Holcim Cement (Bangladesh) Ltd. (Holcim Brand).
    (iv)    iv) Other Equivalent High Standard Manufacturer.


  • Stone Chips for all columns, beams and Foundations.
  • High Strength Brick Chips from auto brick fields or any other places.


  • First Class Bricks.


  • 2.5 FM Coarse Sand.
  • 1.0 - 1.5 FM Medium Sand

Utility Connections:

  • All Apartments will have independent Gas Connection for two Burners.
  • All Apartments will have Independent Electric meter up to 8 KW Load sanction.
  • A common WASA meter for total complex.